Sixteen Weeks Later

Hey guys! For the past sixteen weeks I have been reading and reviewing several books for my college composition class, and I must say it was not a bad of an experience.

At first when this project was presented in class I was very skeptical of the whole idea. The reasons being that i don’t like to read and i don’t like to write. I thought I was going to have to write book reports on all the events that happened in the book like some sort of summary, but after the first week i realized that it was not like that at all. The only reason i write these reviews is to try to convince the audience to read the book and give my intellectual opinion towards the book. This helped me a whole lot in laying out the review because it helped me express the thoughts in my head to paper (or keyboard) creating a more fluid writing and less choppy, out of place writing. And since this is a review I made it clear to myself that I was not going to include spoilers because that just makes it harder for me to construct and annoying for the audience since they probably haven’t read the book. So with that being said, the reviews I made came out more simple and analytical rather than complex and chronological.


To end off the blog I’m going to address my fellow followers or people that just like to read my reviews. I’m afraid to say that I will not continue with the reviews due to the end of my semester in this class, but don’t worry there might be hope. Depending on my teacher next semester, I might have to do something related to these reviews. So if that does end up happening, no worries, I’ll keep using this account and uploading whatever content necessary for me to get a good grade and for you guys to enjoy the content.

Good luck, and God speed.

Word count: 334


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