Its Monday! What Am I Reading?

Hey guys, whats up? Today I’m just gonna check in with my blog, for this segment of Its Monday What Am I Reading I’m going to talk about the book that i have yet to even check out, but it was highly recommended by my class mates. The novel that I am going to start reading is called “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. (320 Pages)

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To be Honest I do not have the best overview of what the book is actually about, the only thing that i know about it is that it is a science fiction, dystopian style novel to where there has been staged attacks on the individuals running the United States, like the president and members of congress. So I’m guessing that after those attacks happen that this book is going to base its self off the new “re-birth” of the country with I’m guessing new societal rules and regulations that might not comply to everyone’s needs, like focusing on women and how they are treated throughout the novel, being stripped of their rights from thee beginning  But Yeah, Honestly i not to sure of what this book is about, but in a couple of weeks I’m going to have finished reading and you guys will see a review in my page shortly after.

Now to finish my blog I’m just going to talk about what i have been doing in school that oddly does have some correlation with the book I’m reading. So what i have been doing in class was to construct an argumentative essay about the Disney movie Mulan, and we touched on the topic of how Chinese culture and tradition make it so that women are looked at as more of a “perfect wife” or “servant wife” to where their displays of honor to their family are based on how well you perform your wifely duties to where a man has to go off into war and protect the empire with their lives. Well all throughout the assignment i had lots of mixed opinions about the whole subject. So if you guys have seen Mulan and know what i am talking about, then leave a comment showing what you guys think about this.

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4 thoughts on “Its Monday! What Am I Reading?

  1. I have watched the movie Mulan like 1 million times and I absolutely love the movie because even though throughout the movie the men are looking at women as objects instead of actual human beings mulan crushes those stereotypes at the end and proves that women are just as capable as men.


  2. I’d heard of the Handmaid’s Tale before, but only the title and nothing else. I had just assumed that the book was like a parallel to the Scarlet Letter or something of that sort. However, I do know very much about Mulan. In order to bring honor to your family, within that culture at that time, you were to be married off and shown as the silent woman beside any man. Women weren’t to speak back then unless asked, and it was rare. Hope that helped you out a little!


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