Nothing is Instant

Hey all, today I’m going to talk about the book I have been reading for the past couple of weeks now and that is Looking for Alaska by John Green. (221 pages)

“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

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I actually really enjoyed this novel, even though it might be considered boring for some, it was actually very entertaining and some parts of the book made me feel like i was back in high school doing stupid stuff with my friends.

I honestly think that this book can be relatable to the majority or if not all of the typical adolescent life’s that we are encountering or have already encountered. To make things more understandable, there is two parts to the story a “before” and “after”.

The novel is about a Florida kid named Miles Halter as he tries to start a new life by moving to the boarding school his dad went to up in Alabama. Uppon arrival he meets his roommate Chip Martin A.K.A “The Colonel”. The Colonel gives Miles his new nickname, “Pudge”. Pudge meets the colonels friends which are: Takumi and Alaska. Through out the novel these 4 kids just basically run around smoking cigarettes, drinking booze, meeting new people, and basically just having fun with what they have. The boarding school they go to is for academically advanced students so during the novel you will find some philosophical conversations basically about life.

In this novel the author dives into a lot of moral dilemmas we as humans have to face at least once in our lifetimes. Some examples can be: Snitching, lying, life and death, falling in and out of love, and the stages of grief.

The character that you should look out for in this novel is Alaska. She is actually my favorite character in the book. Alaska is kinda nutty, but in a good way. She is very eccentric and unpredictable which makes her so lovable and also hate-able. Her way of thinking is what caught my attention because she seems to have her shit together although none of us really do haha.

I also think that Alaska is basically just the inner “wild child” that we all have inside of ourselves, just that she is good at displaying it to the world.

Word Count: 373



The Eagle is Watching

Whats going on? Today im going to talk about the book that i am recently reading. The book is called Looking for Alaska by John Green (221 pages).

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“Suffering” she said. “Doing wrong and having wrong things happen to you. That’s the problem. Bolivar was talking about the pain, not about the living and dying. How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?”

So far i have read about 157 pages and it been a pretty good book so far. The novel consists of two different parts: Before and After. Basically this books is about a teen age kid from Florida called Miles Halter that moves to a boarding school in Alabama. Miles isn’t much of outgoing character to where before moving he points out that he does not have much friends or any for that matter which makes it less difficult for him to leave. Upon arriving to his new school he meets his roommate “The Colonel” as he is liked to be called and is through out the story but his real name is Chip Martin. Their relationship at first wasnt as nice as one would imagine, starting things off with The Colonel giving Miles a new nickname…”Pudge.” But after a while they turn out to get along just fine.

The Colonel introduces Pudge to his friends, Takumi and Alaska. Through out the book these 4 kids usually spend their days smoking cigarettes and messing around like any adolescent would do given the sense of liberty these kids have but there is a Head Hancho of sorts lurking around and he is the Dean of the boarding school he is known as “The Eagle”. This Novel dives in to a lot of moral situation that young adults and people in general go through more than once in their lifetimes. Whether its Snitching on someone, Lying for ones benefit, falling in and out of love, and contemplating life and death etc.

I honestly Recommend this book even though it sounds pretty boring, and i haven’t even finished it but it is actually not that bad at all. The adventures and dilemmas presented are actually very interesting. So yeah check it out.


Piggy for President

Hello, today I’m going to write a review on a book I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks now, Lord of The Flies by William Golding. 190 pages 

“And in the middle of them, with filthy body, matted hair, and un-wiped nose, Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true,…”

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The story takes place during a nuclear war where an airplane filled with British children has to make a crash landing in a deserted island. The book starts off with a boy named Ralph trying to make sense of what happened, when he finds Piggy. The two boys find this whitish pinkish shell they called “the conch”. After gathering the survivors by blowing the conch and signaling all, they establish roles among the children: Ralph being the leader of the pact and Jack, one of the choir kids, was put as the Lead Hunter gathering the food for the kids, even though, he was sure he could be leader. And not to forget Piggy being the new laughing-stock for everyone. This ultimately ignites the small flame of conflict between the two Alphas (Ralph and Jack). As the book goes on you can notice the two different types of leaders Ralph and Jack are when given a certain situation concerning the group as a whole.

Ralph’s leadership style includes sense, reason, and order. For example, Ralph constructed a way of organized communication among all of the members by giving “the conch” a sense of power and importance towards the unity of the group of kids.

Jacks leadership style is different from Ralph because jack leans towards more of a survival like, animal-instinct vibe. For example, Jack starts to use war-paint and creating ritual dances before they would hunt. He would also use his power to divide the group given that he is the Lead Hunter.

Along the story there are some key characters to keep in mind, well, at least for me. One being Simon a small child to where his encounters in the island inflict a whole lot in the group as a whole, Also there is Piggy he is basically the main target of hazing due to his weight. I mention Piggy because even though he gets picked on if it wasn’t for his glasses they would be able to make fires, and also in my point of view Piggy is the most reasonable character in the novel.

Word Count: 379